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Trading Brantano

In administration, March 2017 to June 2017

We worked with PWC to support the administration and wind down of the company. The company had entered administration twice within a 12-month period. Emotions were running high and it was important to calm and focus the store teams to ensure the business remained stable and to maximise sales.

We deployed very experienced field consultants and allocated a number of stores and concessions for them to manage. Working with the finance, buying and merchandising teams, we implemented a trading strategy to drive sales, footfall, and maximise the value of the stock.

We also created incentives for stores throughout the remaining trading period, agreed communication processes with HR and PWC and set up a specific process for employee representatives across the support centre and the stores.

Amanda always has a good 'feel' for trading and justifies proposed strategies well to allow decisions to be made quickly and with relevant supporting information. As demonstrated by the trading numbers, she is also clearly able to deliver strong results in clearance situations.

Tony Barrell advisory director at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

Amanda takes a very commercial approach to her tasks and she really knows how to run a retail business. She takes care to get the little things right – team huddles, clear communication helps to motivate and maintain focus. Her common sense, open approach helps to steady the ship and keep people calm through stressful times.

Christine Dunn head of HR at Jones Bootmaker & Brantano