Larger organisations

Beales Department Store, Horsham

April 2016 to August 2016

Using our team of consultants, we supported the trading and closure of one Beales department store. We selected stock, drawing on our network of suppliers – ranging from handbags to small electrical appliances and augmented existing stock to support the sales during the trading period.

Amanda’s approach brings a breath of fresh air and direction to businesses in difficulty. In a situation where it is very hard to plan in advance, where the personalities are an unknown quantity and we are going in as agents of the administrators, we have a legal and financial responsibility to get the best out of the situation. Amanda’s empathic style, her openness and her message that we’re there to help, builds relationships and trust. The fact that we still get Christmas cards from some of the teams we have supported is testament to the value she brings.

Andrew Hayzelden senior retail operations consultant